18th APNIC Open Policy Meeting


  1. Meeting program
  2. Policy decisions
  3. Apster - issue 11
  4. APNIC Member and Stakeholder Survey
  5. Meeting sponsors
  6. Next APNIC meeting - APNIC 19

APNIC 18, held in Nadi from 31 August to 3 September 2004, was a successful meeting. APNIC wishes to thank the local hosts, Telecom Fiji and Connect, for the considerable efforts made in ensuring the success of the event, and for their role in presenting a very high quality conference.

  1. Meeting program

  2. In addition to the main meeting program, APNIC 18 attendees also had the opportunity to participate in a pre-conference ISP/IXP networking workshop and the CEO event, both of which were first time. The workshop provided hands-on laboratory exercises focused on how to design, scale, and maintain a production Internet Service Provider backbone. The CEO event invited CEOs and senior executives of Internet organisations to meet on issues of common interest and exchange their thoughts and experience through open discussion.

    The Newcomers' Breakfast and a lunchtime function entitled 'IP policy - your say' were also organised to provide information and introduce first-time attendees to the APNIC meeting process.


  3. Policy decisions

  4. Presentations, proposals, webcast video, and stenography transcripts from the meeting are available at:

    The meeting minutes will be available shortly on the APNIC website. A summary of the main Open Policy Meeting decisions is provided below. All the consensus proposals below were approved at the APNIC Member Meeting.

    Policy SIG

    • Expansion of the initial allocation space for existing IPv6 address space holders (prop-021-v001)
    • There was consensus on the proposal to allow existing IPv6 address holders to receive additional allocations based on existing IPv4 infrastructure.

    • IANA policy for allocation of IPv6 blocks to Regional Internet Registries (prop-005-v003)
    • There was consensus on the proposed policy governing the allocation of IPv6 address space from the IANA to the Regional Internet Registries (RIRs). The policy must be endorsed in by all of the RIRs before it can be implemented.

    Database SIG

    • Proposal on IPv6 IRR service at APNIC (prop-025-v001)
    • There was consensus on the proposal for APNIC to implement an IPv6 Routing Registry.


    • Proposal to abolish redundant charges in IPv6 allocations (prop-022-v001)
    • There was consensus on the proposal to revise the method of calculating IPv6 "per address" fees so that the practice of charging NIRs multiple fees for the same address range will be abolished.

    These policy proposals will now be circulated on the appropriate SIG mailing list. The full list of current proposals is available at:


  5. Apster - issue 11

  6. Apster is a print and online newsletter for the APNIC community. The eleventh issue of Apster was released at APNIC 18. This issue features articles on the Internet in the Pacific islands, recent APNIC policy proposals, the introduction of ENUM, the NRO and ASO structure, funding for ICT projects, and the future of Internet governance. Apster is available online at:


  7. APNIC Member and Stakeholder Survey

  8. The third APNIC Member and Stakeholder Survey was completed in August 2004, with the delivery to the APNIC EC of a formal survey report. The report provided a detailed analysis of the survey responses. The report was distributed at the APNIC Member Meeting on 3 September 2004. An online copy is also available at:


  9. Meeting sponsors

  10. APNIC wishes to thank all those organisations that supported APNIC 18 as sponsors. Their valuable contributions allowed APNIC to offer a meeting program of a very high standard. All the sponsors are listed at:

    If you are interested in being a sponsor for a future APNIC meeting, please contact meetings@apnic.net.


  11. Next APNIC meeting - APNIC 19

  12. All APNIC members and friends are invited to attend APNIC 19, which will be held in conjunction with APRICOT 2005 in Kyoto, Japan, in February 2005. Further details of APNIC 19 are available at:

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