Thursday 8 September 2005, Melia Hotel, Hanoi, Vietnam

Meeting commenced: 2:05 pm

Chair: Xing Li

Co-chair: Hakikur Rahman

The Chair introduced the SIG and explained the agenda.


  1. Open action items
  2. DB policy implementation reports
  1. Open action items

  2. Presentation [ppt | pdf]

    Action db-17-002: Proposal for IRR mirroring policy (prop-003-v002) to be returned to the Database mailing list for further discussion.
    This item has been withdrawn due to lack of activity.

    Action db-18-001: Proposal for establishment of an IPv6 IRR to be referred to the mailing list for detailed discussion of the framework and implementation.

    Action db-19-001: Following approval at each remaining step of the policy development process, the APNIC Secretariat will implement proposal prop-026-v001, APNIC to publish address assignment statistics.


  3. DB policy implementation reports

  4. Sanjaya, APNIC

    Presentation [ppt | pdf]

    [prop025-v001] Proposal on IPv6 service at APNIC.

    This was a proposal to add capability in the APNIC Whois database to support IPv6 IRR. The original target for implementation was April 2005, but this was delayed because of some technical issues in customising the software. Testing is now underway and the Secretariat plans to move it to production service after additional public testing. This is expected to complete by late September 2005. The presenter invited the IPv6 operators to register IPv6 route objects at testwhois.apnic.net.

    [prop026-v001] APNIC to publish address assignment statistics.

    This was a proposal to provide a summarised form of address assignment statistics, without customer information, to allow researchers to perform statistical analysis. The Secretariat publishes daily reports to ftp.apnic.net/apnic/stats/assigned-apnic-yyyymmdd. The presesnter described the report format and provided an example. The presenter noted that it is necessary to add NIR statistics to the APNIC statistics to get a complete picture of the whole region. The presenter encouraged the NIRs to consider publishing statistics in the same format.

    Questions and discussion

    • It was clarified that the subject matter of the withdrawn proposal on creating a hierarchy of IRRs has been referred to the CRISP Working Group for further investigation.

    Action items

    • None.

Meeting closed: 2:20 pm

Minuted by: Gerard Ross

Open action items

  • None.

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