IP policy - Your say

Wednesday 1 March, 12:30 - 14:00

Is this your first time or has it been a while since you last attended an APNIC meeting? You are welcome to attend this informal lunch session to meet face to face with APNIC secretariat staff and selected members of the APNIC community who will provide insights to the current APNIC IP policies and what to expect from the meeting.

IP policy development in the Asia Pacific can be critical to the way you conduct your Internet business, so find out what it takes to participate openly and ways to effectively contribute to the discussions. Exchange comments with peers and even share your experiences with certain policies if any. The lunch/discussion session is another opportunity to hear your views in discussing the current policies at hand and how you can influence the policy development process.

Seating is limited so when registering indicate how many times you've been to an APNIC meeting and if interested to participate contact:

Save Vocea, APNIC Policy Development Manager


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