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ip6.int deprecation project report

A project status update to deprecate ip6.int in 2006. The report will include usage statistics, milestones, and coordination work with the other RIRs.

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Lame DNS policy status update

A project update including usage statistics, milestones and coordination work.

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BGP anycast node requirements for authoritative name servers

JPRS have accumulated experiences on constructing BGP anycast node and wrote a document about it. Recently, BGP anycast node deployment is a hot topics in AP region especially for critical infrastructure operators. Sharing JPRS experiences with others will be useful.

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Reverse DNS lookup failure and its influence to JP community

On October 23, 2005, reverse DNS lookups to some networks in Japan (and Korea) failed to resolve for 8-9 hours due to the APNIC misoperation. It caused some trouble for ISPs' service in Japan, and JPNIC had complaints and also constructive proposals.

This presentation will briefly explain the trouble and present a couple of issues to be resolved.

APNIC reverse DNS management roadmap

Reverse DNS is one of the critical service provided by APNIC. The implementation of shared zone management policy has created added complexity that have caused some major operational problems. To address this issue APNIC is developing a secured and simplified zone management tool using XML web services technology to allow LIRs, NIRs and other RIRs manage their zone delegations at APNIC either manually or through automation.

This presentation highlights the steps that need to be taken to transition from the current to the new system.

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