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IPv6 update

This is the regular update from APNIC detailing the various RIR IPv6 statistics showing allocation and assignments made in the AP region.

IPv6 technical SIG agenda

ip6.int deprecation project report

A project status update to deprecate ip6.int in 2006. The report will include usage statistics, milestones, and coordination work with the other RIRs.

IPv6 technical SIG agenda

Technical consideration on deprecation of ip6.int

This presentation surveys how various implementations of resolvers react when ipv6.int is deprecated. We believe the number of LAME will probably decrease because bad effects from lower "ill-maintained" domains will disappear. So, we expect that IPv6 addresses will probably be resolved more smoothly than before.

Note: http://v6fix.net/docs/ip6.int/

IPv6 technical SIG agenda

Progress report for ip6.int deprecation in Japan

For ip6.int deprecation planned in June 1, 2006, JPNIC notified our LIRs who still use ip6.int for reverse delegation to recommend migration to ip6.arpa and measured usage of ip6.int when transferring management from APNIC to JPNIC. As the deprecation getting closer, we measured the ip6.int usage again and report the result.

IPv6 technical SIG agenda

JPNIC IPv6 registry service update report

JPNIC launched its own IPv6 registry system in May 2005. This presentation gives updated statistics on allocation made byJPNIC and assignments made by LIRs.

IPv6 technical SIG agenda

IPv6 deployment in Latin America and Caribbean

Describes the work jointly done with LACNIC, under the scope of the successful "IPv6 Tour" and other parallel activities, to promote the adoption of IPv6 in the region which already provided several success histories.

IPv6 technical SIG agenda

Introduction of "Softwires" WG in IETF

"Softwires" is a new working group at IETF. This WG specifies the standardisation of discovery, control and encapsulation methods for connecting IPv4 networks across IPv6 networks and IPv6 networks across IPv4 networks in a way that will encourage multiple, inter-operable implementations.

IPv6 technical SIG agenda


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