IXP panel discussion - world IXP forum: testing the waters

Overview on current IXP collaboration programs that are going on around the world: IX SIGs, NAPLA, Euro-IX, and idea of a world IXP forum.

Is there IXP interest and willingness/ability to participate?

IX SIG agenda

Exchange point operational experiences

The nuts and bolts of peering, what switches are good/bad, what routers work, what commands should be deployed, the effects of filtering and what 'interesting' routes IX operators see from the peers etc.

IX SIG agenda

Equinix Sydney update

Status update to the Equinix Sydney Exchange platform as well as new extensions to the switching architecture in order to accommodate distributed, inter-city connectivity into Brisbane and Melbourne.

IX SIG agenda

Other IX updates

Updates and reports from representatives of the various IXes in operation in the region and some lessons learned.

IX SIG agenda


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