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Hyun-Joon Kwon
Title Dr.
Name Hyun-Joon Kwon
Resident of Republic of Korea
Organisation Korea Network Information Center (KRNIC) of National Internet Development Agency (NIDA)
Postal address 11F, 1321-11, Seocho2-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Korea, 137-857
Biographical information Hyun-Joon Kwon holds the post of Head of Internet Protocol Policy & Management in NIDA (formerly KRNIC, Korea Network Information Center), which is the statutory non-profit organisation that administers Internet address resources and national Internet policies in Korea.

He also holds the elected position of member of ICANN's ASO Address Council and the NRO Number Council (2004-2006). In addition, because of his specialty in Internet governance issues, he has been a councillor of the Korean government's ITU Study Committee and ICANN's GAC advisor for Korea representative since 2003, and he was the member of the Korean government's delegation in WSIS-Tunis 2005.

During his service of more than four years at NIDA, he has been actively associated with many Internet address-related issues, such as domain name dispute resolution, Internet governance issues, national Internet policies, digital heritage preservation policies, and digital divide issues.

He set up the whole process and rules of the KDDRC (Korea Domain-name Dispute Resolution Committee), which has successfully dealt with more than 50 cases a year. He was also involved in the draft team of 'The Act of Internet Resources Administration', which is the first legal framework for ccTLD (.kr) and IP management. Since 2003 he has been deeply involved in setting up a national strategy of Internet governance, and he has actively participated in WSIS, ICANN, APNIC, APLTD, APNG and APRICOT meetings. He has been in charge of NIDA's outreach & awareness project, 'u-Connect'; this international seminar has been held yearly on Internet resources management and technical trends in Cambodia, Sri Lanka, and Mongolia since 2003. During 2004-2006, he was project manager of the Korean Internet History Museum, and he is one of the key editors of the Korean Internet White Paper 2006.

Thanks to his special knowledge and contribution, he won official commendation from the Ministry of Information and Communication, Republic of Korea in 2004.

  • University of Minnesota Law School, LLM (Juris Doctor Degree)
  • Korea University, Graduate School, Commercial Law (MA)
  • Korea University, College of Law (BA)

Motivation for nomination To serve the AP community in the global policy development process, and to provide recommendations to the Board of ICANN concerning the interest of AP region.

Nominated by

Name of person making the nomination MH Billy Cheon
Organisation KRNIC of NIDA

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