Partnership towards IGF in Asia

Monday, 25 February 2008, 10:00 - 13:00
Magnolia Narcissus room, level B2,
Howard Plaza Hotel, Taipei


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Topic Presenters Slides
Opening C F Liu President, ISOC
Welcome speech Shu-Cheen Kuo, Ministry of Transportation and Communication
Internet governance status Kuo-Wei Wu, National Information Infrastructure Enterprise Promotion Association PDF (412KB)
ISOC's view of Internet Governance towards IGF in India Frederic Donck, Internet Society (ISOC) Powerpoint (68KB)
PDF (96KB)
Cyberspace privacy considerations Arthur Shay Managing Partner, Shay & Partners Powerpoint (280KB)
PDF (72KB)
IPv4 & IPv6 - status and issues in Taiwan Ming-Cheng Liang, TWNIC PDF (1.8MB)
Establishment of NGO-ISOC-TW experience Kenny Huang, ISOC TW Powerpoint (524KB)
PDF (908KB)
Where next for IP addressing? Paul Wilson, APNIC Powerpoint (1.1MB)
PDF (1.5MB)

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