NRO NC candidate Rajib Lochan Mahalik

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Mr Rajib Lochan Mahalik
Resident of
Wire and Wireless (I) Ltd.
Rajib Lochan Mahalik

Contact Info
Address : Mumbai, India
Telephone No : +91- 9920080298
Email :
Personal Particulars
Date of Birth : 20 May 1973
Permanent Residence : Singapore
Nationality : Indian
Highest Qualification
Field of Study : Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.)
Major : Electronics & Telecommunication
Institute/University : NIT (National Institute of Technology), (formerly known as REC) Bhopal
Graduation Date : June 1995
Text Resume

Career Objectives: Project Management, Product Development, Technical/product Marketing, Pre-sales, with direct impact planning, development, and sales that support the strategic goals of the corporation.

Background Summary: More than 13years of varied experiences in the key areas of Telecoms, Broadcasting, Cable, IT and related industries

Skills Overview: Proven track records for successfully leading and implementing wide varieties of projects, strategic partnering, Project Management, Pre-Sales, Product/Technical Marketing, and consulting projects.

Extensively involved in the latest technologies, which includes Digital Set top Boxes (STB), (DVB-C, DVB-T, DVB-S, DVB-RCT, ATSC, ISDB-T/ARIB, IP STB, FTA, CI, CAS; Nagravision, Irdeto, Conax, NDS, Power Key, etc.), IPTV, digital TV (ATSC, DVB, MHP, ARIB, ISDB-T, CAS, iTV, HDTV), mobile phones (satellite, GSM, DVB-H, DMB), mobile TV (DMB & DVB-H), VSAT, VoIP, ISP (DOCSIS/Cable modem & Wireless Broadband), HITS (Headend In The Sky), wireless (WiFi/Wimax), terrestrial and satellite two-way systems (DVB-RCS, DVB-RCT, DVB-S-WCDMA), satellite telecommunications, invisible dot codes, etc.

• Experienced in managing for a variety of multidisciplinary and international projects.
• In-depth understanding of technologies
• Evaluation of internal project requirements, and preparation of schedule with resource planning
• Evaluation of RFI/RFP/RFQ and preparing the proposal
• Resource allocation, and managing the projects
• Domestic & multinational experiences
• Excellent analytical ability, initiative, good planning skills and perseverance
• Focus on the schedule, maintain the quality of the product/solutions either for internal or for customers.
• Engineering background and work experience in various fields with multinational companies, developed strong skills in multidisciplinary
• Other areas of solid hands-on experience include consulting, outsourcing, contracts/agreements, resource management, negotiation, purchasing, contract and legal issues, and corporate communication.

Professional Experience

Dec 2007-Till Date. Vice President, New Initiatives/Technical; Wire & Wireless (I) Ltd. (Essel Group) Mumbai, India
• Working for ISP projects for all India rollouts
• Internet service over DOCSIS/Cable modems
• Internet Services over Wireless Broadband (WiMesh & WiMax)
• Scopus’ Digital CableTV Headendso Decoders, IRDs, Encoders, multiplexers, PSI/SI, etc...
• Digital STBs (DVB-C, DVR/PVR, CAS) rollouts
• Team management of 150 subordinates
• Dealing with all the vendors on finalising the suitable products/solutions
• Deciding on the technologies, product and solutions
• Dealing with vendors for SLA, supports and single point of contact for the corporate communication.
• Support and day to day activities of the Set top boxes
• Securing Digital STBs even though it wasn’t secure through CAS
• Introducing DVR boxes for different business model and better services to niche market
• Finalising on the middleware after discussing with several middleware vendors
• Working on various projects including ISP and DigitalTV/HITS
• Introducing IPTV and various VAS (project under progress)
• Introducing Mobile billing collection (instant printing and bills to customers)
• Introducing various iTV applications for DigitalTV platform
• Introducing concept of interactivity contents from printed materials
• Introducing MobileTV business concept in the cable industries
• Introducing nVOD in east and considering to rollout across India
• Day to day activities of HFC network
• Attending issues of LCOs/Cable operators on STBs, fiber, RF networks, etc...
• Channel placements, and dealing with broadcasters
• Installing and commissioning of both Analogue and Digital Headends
• Working on the system/network to make it MPEG4/H.264 compatible and pushing more contents in the network
• Working on the concept of hybrid STBs for both Cable & IPTV/VoD.
• Integrating Worldspace radio in the cable network
• Providing support to all over India in Digital H/E, STB, ISP and other related product and solutions from head office.

Nov 2006-Dec 2007. Independent Consultant; Singapore
• Worked with Digital Cable TV projects for Indian market, and promoting headend equipments, Set top boxes (DVB-C/PVR STB), System Integration, local support, etc…
• Worked with Indian MSO’s, and local partners in promoting the system, and STBs.
• Business development, technical Marketing and generated sales lead for publicly held Digital TV Solution Companies.
• Business Development and technical Marketing, consulting, and sales leads for STB solutions companies.
• Business Development, technical marketing and generating sales leads for publicly held VoIP Company.
• Technical consulting, business development, technical marketing and selling systems and solutions from successful IPTV system provider to telecoms, service providers, System Integrators, etc.
• Marketing and Business Development for IBM/DEL/HP Partners in the Server software solutions for Antivirus, Anti intrusion detection, firewall, e-mail, etc…
• Working with investment companies for digital TV projects on revenue sharing models.
• Business development, product/technical marketing, Sales & consulting for well known Organisations.

Jan 2005-Oct 2006. Director; Zentek Technology Singapore, a Japanese
listed company
• Responsible for hardware and software solutions for Set top box (ATSC, DVB, and ISDB-T).
• Responsible for hardware & software solutions for iDTV (integrated digitalTV) for ATSC, DVB, and ARIB (ISDB-T)
• Worked with several well-known semiconductor companies for STBs and digital TV.
• Worked with well-known STB and TV manufacturers (Japanese, Korean, Taiwanese and Chinese)
• Worked with well-known OEM/ODM companies
• Marketed and sold set top box (STB) solutions for ATSC, DVB, MHP and ARIB/ISDB-T.
• Marketed and sold digital and analogue LCD/PDP TVs.
• Several application development and UI / MMI customisation for various companies worldwide
• Involvement of DVB-H Project (which is going to be first time in Singapore)
• Market Analysis and Study on DVB-H and future market.
• Multimillion dollar deal on first IPTV project in Singapore
• Successfully implemented IPTV project in Singapore and USA.
• Worked on IPTV projects for various markets worldwide.
• Involved in many RFI/RFPs.
• Managed and controlled batch orders, delivery, support and maintenance, coordinated pre- and post-sales services, installations, customer complaints, etc.
• Involved in IP STBs, both low & high-end boxes, with features that included video conferencing, Video MAIL, VOD, KOD, WiFi, PPV, games, etc.
• Worked with several vendors in the IPTV industries such as STB manufacturers, VoIP stack providers, UI/ MMI, DRM, VOD Server, middleware, encoders, Billing system, Games, KOD, Content Aggregators, System Integrators, Installers, etc…to count a few.
• Assisted in the promotion of DAB/DMB module solutions.
• Responsible for marketing new product (reading audio/video from printed materials).

Mar 2001- Dec 2004. Manager, Projects. Asia Pacific Satellite
Industries, Seoul, Korea
• Worked in several Set top Box (STB) Projects (DVB-S, Nagravision, Conax CAS, DVB-T, DVB-C, IP)
• Project Leader for DVB-RCT project, which is one of the first of its kind in the world on return channel interactivity mode
• Managed and control resources
• Follow up and coordination with management, Korean Govt. (KORIL), partner companies, etc..
• Promoted and marketed satellite two-way System (DVB-S/W-CDMA),
• Promoted and marketed terrestrial two-way system (DVB-T/RCT)
• Worked in IPTV related projects over satellite (DVB-S, and W-CDMA)
• Worked with several vendors in the mobile phone industries such as protocol stacks, GSM/GPRS/3GPP organisation on the licensing and algorithms, Codec, and decoders, MMS, WAP, E-mail clients, JVM, MMI, etc…some hardware related companies such as GSM/Satellite antenna, LCD, Camera, Chipset /Semiconductors, moulding, industrial and mechanical design companies, foundry and ASIC related companies, to count a few, there are many more companies in the list.
• Obtained RFI/RFP, prepared best proposal and was awarded the project.
• Capitalising on a small project, initiated and developed a strong relationship that resulted in more projects.
• Grew company from 12 people to more than 150.
• Single point of contact for international projects.
• Business Development & Project Activities included RFI/RFPs, contracts, technical discussions, weekly conferences, regular correspondence, reporting, presentations, commercial follow-ups, opportunities for new projects, proposals, etc…
• As a company pioneer, involved in almost every project.
• Responsible for handling and dealing with various companies for outsourcing work.
• Outsource multimillion dollar of work to different companies.
• Responsible for techno-commercial discussions, meetings, proposals, negotiations and finalisation of contracts/agreements for outsourced work to other companies.
• Negotiated and won multimillion project for FDU, and TU
• Negotiated and won project for maritime antennae
• Negotiated and won Consulting Projects
• Multimillion dollar deal satellite/GSM mobile phone project.

1995-2001. Assistant Manager, Projects & Engineering. Ispat Industries Ltd., Mumbai, India
• Selected through campus interview. I was one of the first people to clear the campus. We were only 2 persons from the branch selected for this company.
• Joined company as a management trainee working for Mittal group of companies
• Worked as Automation engineer for 1 year, and was given charge for automatic weighing systems throughout the plant for more than 20 electronic weigh scales and 5 electronic weigh bridges.
• Worked on plant automation, development and programming in Yokogawa’s (CENTUM CS DCS (distributed control system).
• As an engineer, I was given charge to operate DCS & PLCs for the complete automation of one of world’s first Midrex plant (Sponge Iron Plant).
• Assisted with development and programming of Yaskawa’s (Memocon-SC U84) PLC (Programmable Logic Control)
• With strong knowledge, and systematic approach for each problem, I was handed the responsibilities to take the lead role to come in shift as Shift-in-charge for the instrumentation and automation division.
• Project Leader for networking and plant automation projects.
• Worked in shifts as Shift in-charge of electronics and automation system around 4.5 yrs.
• Dealing with vendors such as DCS, PLC, and other equipment providers.
• Various trainings such as TQM, QC, Kaizen, Safety, House keeping, ISO9002, ISO14001, etc…
• Training in DCS, PLC, and other instrumental devices
• Training on SAP, Networking, and other software related stuffs.
• Responsible for the complete electronic weighing systems for all belt conveyors.
• Control system installation, project design and engineering.

• Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics & Telecommunication, Regional Engineering College, Bhopal, India. College is one the prestigious and autonomous NITs. Renamed MANIT (Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology)
• MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer), MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional), MCP+I.

Nominated by

Mr Rajib Lochan Mahalik
Wire and Wireless (I) Ltd.
To be part of the organisation and participate in the activities worldwide.