Event Wrap: TWNIC OPM

Published on:Monday,16 June 2014

APNIC staff participated at the Taiwan Network Information Centre (TWNIC) Open Policy Meeting (OPM), held on 4-5 June 2014, in Taipei, Taiwan.

TWNIC holds an OPM twice-yearly to discuss policies and share relevant updates with their membership and the wider community.

APNIC activities

  • APNIC's Security Specialist, Adli Wahid, conducted a Security Workshop that focused on setting up a security response team. The workshop was divided into three parts:
    1. An overview of current security threats from the perspective of Computer Security Incident Response Teams (CSIRTs) or Computer Emergency Response Teams (CERTs).
    2. The importance of establishing and implementing a CSIRT or CERT function.
    3. Applying the concepts learned to a test incident through hands-on exercises.

There were about 60 participants at the workshop, representing network operators, hardware vendors, businesses, and academia.

  • During the meeting, APNIC's Resource Services Manager, Guangliang Pan, gave an update on the global deployment status of IPv6. Taiwan is planning a number of IPv6 activities and enjoys significant government support for IPv6 initiatives. There was also discussion on IPv6-related security matters.
  • Guangliang also met with TWNIC Hostmasters to discuss the recent APNIC policy implementations and resource allocation procedures.
  • Adli met with TWNCERT to discuss CERT coordination activities, and with the National Centre for High Performance Computing and the Taiwan Honeynet Project Chapter to discuss APNIC's training and conference activities.

APNIC is expecting a number of TWNIC representatives to attend APNIC 38, and we look forward to welcoming them to Brisbane.

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